Something about myself

I am Ann Dominique, I am 33 years old and mother of 2 daughters Fallon & Scottie. I am in a relationship with Danny Froger and we have a very cute dog Sjaak. We live in houses and I love shopping, eating out and doing fun things with my family, like going to amusement parks, playgrounds and you name it!

How did the idea for this collab come about?

As you may know about me, I love fashion. A girl's dream has always been to design my own collection and put my own spin on it. This has always been high on my bucket list. STUDIO AMAYA is in fact my favorite brand and that is why I call this collaboration a match made in heaven, rather than a matching set haha.

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Can you tell more about the collection?

If I had to describe the collection, it would be colorful, fashionable and feminine. In my collection you will find different styles and materials, think chanel qualities, embroidery and touch of Zimmerman. I myself am really a girl/girl and this is also very much reflected in the colors and silhouettes of the items. The collection can be styled in different ways. You can wear the items daily, but they are also suitable for a night out. It is just how you mix and match. You can actually give each item your own twist and that is something I find very important!

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Can you tell more about the creation process of all the items?

We started creating a mood board on Pinterest so we could have a focused brainstorming session on this. During this brainstorming session, we laid down the basis for my collection. I love Zimmerman's prints, so we wanted to reflect this vibe in one of the styles. I always like to wear Chanel-like fabrics, this is because I find it very feminine and it suits my style. I am also crazy about embroidery, I find it timeless and an essential wardrobe item. Pien then went to work making a collection out of this information and collecting all the fabrics from the factories. Then we really started designing the collection, selecting fabrics, drawing out models and finally waiting for the first samples.

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