A fashion label including unique pieces ready to become part of your lifelong wardrobe, yet still built upon our strong belief that you can never go wrong with a matching set.
Our matching sets will make you feel like you are capable of anything. They are perfect just the way they are. In case you wake up feeling like Donatella Versace, or your manic Monday needs some extra sass - feel free to mix & match.
We would love to see you pair our oversized blazer with our matching pants, or solely with your favorite cowboy boots - whatever floats your boat! We are all about creating those unique pieces we felt were missing from your wardrobe.
By carefully curating 6 collections each year, STUDIO AMAYA seeks to transcend the traditional seasonality in fashion in order to keep you inspired throughout the entire year. 
For the individuals that seek something just a little bit different and the ones unafraid to take risks.
Ready to embrace a bit of adventure?